Massage Therapy

In addition to personal training, I am also a qualified massage therapist (Certificate in Whole Body Massage).

 A whole body massage can do more than just feel good!!  Other benefits of massage include:

· Increases flexibility and restores lost mobility.
· Eases pressure on the skeletal system and joints.
· Helps prevent muscle and tendon injuries.
· Helps with respiratory system.
· Helps prevent stress and stress related problems.
· Regular massage helps you to think and function more efficiently.
· Regular massage improves your overall feeling of wellbeing.
· Helps increase blood circulation.
Call me now (Jason 0402 480 157) to make an appointment for an hour of relaxation massage (cost only $45).  At the conclusion of the massage, I can assure you that you will walk away feeling relaxed and fabulous!!
Can’t get out of the house??  I can come to you!!!
*** This is a professional massage service. This is NOT sensual/erotic massage ***