Group Training/Bootcamp

Group Training/BootCamp and advantages

Add circuit training to your exercise routines and watch your fitness level soar!!

Circuit Training combines the benefits of both cardiovascular and strength training workouts by using a number of “stations” where various exercises are performed for a given amount of time. Suitable for all ages and levels of fitness, circuit training allows each individual to work to their own level.

549260_384548641565965_1696028264_nDepending on numbers, we can train in my studio, however we will usually train outdoors.  Our HUGE front yard is the perfect and safe place to train for this method of training.  Outdoor training can provide a pleasing change of environment for my clients.  Moving away from an air-conditioned home/office.

Circuit training is a great way to participate in fun exercise and meet new fitness friends.  So call me now to enquire when the next session is being held.

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